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Capitol Hill Residence

The charm and honor of this 115 year old home was restored by carefully discerning the correct protocol for finishing. We chose not to break surface tension with hand applications as well as a balanced mixture of pigment with dye and dye shades using an environmentally friendly formaldehyde-free finish. Using this type of product allowed the clients to remain in their home during the restoration process. Realizing that some of the panels were 400-500 years old, we stripped, selectively sanded, and solvent washed the panels prior to beginning any color work. Understanding the wide variance of color of the aged wood, we applied a harmonizing dye throughout the scope of work to establish a successful ground color for us to build upon.

The client’s description of their home was what used to feel like an "old college frat house" and now is a warm, welcoming home... "It turned out better than we could have imagined."

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